Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The "Doodle Master"


I think, I should  call him master? xD

His DRAWING SKILLS is very very very EXTREME!! AS IN! I'm talking in superlatives here.
But then again I don't know him a lot and he don't know me also! HAHAHA 

I just saw him on Facebook and followed him, that's why i can see, like, and even DOWNLOAD his works.

I featured him in this blog because he caught my attention.
Cause at first I THOUGHT ..... DOODLES are just for PAPERS but look, I think it doesn't.

He actually made a MURAL DOODLE ART! How cool was that!.
And while I'm reading some of his captions, doing this mural takes time.
Actually it takes several days to finish it. 
I know you'll be wondering what pen he's using, but unfortunately I don't know what brand and what kind of pen it is.

And guess what? He also customizes things! 
If ever I had a talent like this, I think I would be rich! LOL. Cause this things could be a great business!
you'll just have to handle your pen and draw whatever your costumer likes then after... VIOLA! 
You'll earn money! See? How cool was that?

This is his drawing with a "ONE PIECE" theme :D

and who'll miss SPONGEBOB? xD( spongebob with his different kinds of facial expressions)
See the pen? It has it's tag on! It is very expensive for a pen isn't it?
But the expense is worth the awesome result!

Actually I also had an INTEREST about doodles, because of me being BORED in class! 
Nah i'm not a bad student, its just that when i'm sleepy i really have to hold my pen and write! That would keep me alive! ahahaha..

Ok then! SOON i"ll be uploading my works. But for now, 

ENJOY kuya Rhost's drawings!



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